Arts & Culture

Plains Indians & Pioneers Museum

The Plains Indians and Pioneers Museum is the designated tourism information center for Woodward. Our mission is to collect, preserve, and interpret the history of Northwest Oklahoma.

Visit the Plains Pioneers Museum Website for more information.
Indian room
Buffalo head
Woodward Arts Theatre

Woodward Arts Theatre & Jose Adams Cultural Center

The Woodward Arts and Theatre Council is dedicated to maintaining 2 facilities for cultural activities and art related programs benefiting Woodward and surrounding rural communities. The council owns a 1920s vintage theater, which was restored by volunteers in 1981.

Jose Adams Cultural Center

The 2 story facility, dedicated to the memory of Mrs. Josephine Adams and referred to as the "Josie Adams Cultural Centre," adjacent to the Woodward Arts Theatre, was purchased by the Woodward Arts and Theatre Council in 1991. After substantial renovation and modifications, the facility was opened for public use as a home for receptions, art displays, art camps and other social and culturally related activities.